Mar 17

February/March 2018 Updates

Click here to view March 16, 2018 updates to System 44 Next Generation, MATH 180 Enterprise Edition, HMH Teacher Central, and HMH Student Central.


Click here to view March 9, 2018 updates to READ 180 Next Generation, READ 180 Enterprise Edition, and HMH Teacher Central.


Click here to view February 23, 2018 updates to READ 180 Universal and HMH Teacher Central.


Mar 07

Important Update for Districts and Schools Using SAM on Local Servers

Districts running Student Achievement Manager and SAM Connect on local servers using Mac OS X v10.11 or later will find that their servers cannot check in with SAM Connect. This will affect access to Next Generation Dashboards, eReads, the eBook Library, and other programs.

This issue affects only servers running Mac OS X v10.11 or later.

HMH is working on a solution to this issue. Please check here for further updates. 


Mar 01

Register for March 21 Technical Webinar

Please join our software experts in this Q&A session to learn about the latest updates for your HMH® intervention programs and outstanding technical issues.

Learn More (PDF) >>

Feb 02

Important Update Regarding HMH Programs That Use Flash

As Adobe ends support for Flash, click here to see how this affects your SAM installation. 

Learn More (PDF) >>

Sep 14

Important Notice for Teachers and Administrators Using READ 180 Next Generation & System 44 Next Generation on Chromebooks

Students using READ 180 or System 44 Next Generation on Chromebooks and desktops using Chrome OS 60 or later and connected to a locally-installed district or school server will be unable to move past the microphone check or record activities in these programs. Contact the Help Desk at 1-800-283-5974 if your students are stuck in the program as a result of this bug. (Note that Chromebooks using earlier versions of Chrome OS are not affected.)

HMH is working on a solution to this issue and will release an update as soon as it is available.


May 22

Expert 21 End of Life Announcement

Expert 21 End of Life Announcement is now available: 

Learn More (PDF) >>


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